Publishing and Rights

For licensing and score rental or purchase,
contact Aldea Publishing.

For rental of world premiere production featuring scenic design by Ed Mell, contact Arizona Opera.


2 flutes (piccolo)
2 oboes (English horn)
2 clarinets in Bb
2 bassoons

4 horns in F
2 trumpets in C
1 trombone
1 bass trombone
1 tuba

mallets (vibes, xylophone, bells and chimes)


keyboard (piano celeste)


*Reduced orchestration currently in development


(in order of appearance)

Tull (baritone) A powerful Mormon Elder, early 40s, interested in marrying Jane

Bern Venters (tenor) A Gentile, mid-20s, Jane's head ranch hand and good friend

Jane Withersteen (soprano – full lyric) A faithful Mormon woman, early 30s, owner of the sprawling Withersteen ranch and herd, as well as the spring which gives water to the town of Short Creek

Lassiter (baritone) Hardened Texas gunfighter, late 30s, on a quest to find his lost sister Milly Erne

Jud (tenor) A faithful ranch hand, in his 50s, working the Withersteen Ranch

Bess (soprano – light lyric) A young woman, late teens, ward of Bishop Dyer

Bishop Dyer (bass) Leader of the local Mormon church, in his 40s-50s, the most powerful man in Short Creek

Small Men's Chorus (12 minimum) Tull's men and the Bishop's parishioners

The first musical moments of Riders of the Purple Sage charge out of the gate: lofty horns, pounding drums and a big, sprawling score that has you expecting The Magnificent Seven.

Craig Bohmler, who composed the music for Arizona Opera’s upcoming adaptation of the celebrated Zane Grey novel, says that’s the idea.

“The first minute and a half, we let the audience know they’re in a Western,” he says, air-conducting a recording from his Scottsdale studio. “They haven’t been to a Western opera before. So we give ‘em a nod to the West they know. We give ‘em some tunes. They say, ‘Okay, I like these tunes!’ And THEN… we challenge them!”
— Phoenix Magazine